How can i track my girlfriends cell phone

The only app which could be remotely installed is mSpy for iPhones. And one more thing, you install a spyware on the phone you want to track, and in your online monitoring account you will see all the activities of the tracked device. Let me know if you need help. GPS tracking is extremely useful. When we travel together with my beloved we always activate such apps in order to be aware of things that may happen to us in the unknown places.

In order to track the location of the desired phone, you have to instal a cell phone spyware to the target device. If you have any questions please contact us any time. We recommend you HoverWatch as a leading phone spy tracker, which has the lowest price You can use HoverWatch for free for 14 days , however it does not have to many tracking features. The leading spying software is considered to be mSpy. However if you want to find other spywares, you can check the TOP Spying Apps table and read reviews about every tracker in details.

No, in order to spy on the phone you have to instal a software. You can also hire a secret agent, however we are not sure that it is legal:. Thanks for your comment. The best cell phone tracker in your case is HoverWatch , but you have to install it directly to the target device, you would like to monitor. You would also need Rooting to track the most popular messangers. Many thanks.

Secretly Track and Spy Any Mobile Number With Exact Location Using Your Device Itself 2017

Moreover, depending on the OS of the target device, jailbreak or rooting may be required. Which device would you like to track — iPhone or Android? Your email address will not be published. Contents 1 GPS Tracker — the best way to know where she is 2 More options for her safety 3 What is the best tracker if she has Android phone? Hello Toron, You can not track the phone only by having the phone number.

If she denies you the opportunity, it still does not unequivocally mean that she is cheating. There are several options listed on this page that might be helpful. Listening in on someone else's phone calls is without their knowledge or consent is illegal in almost all cases.

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Parents monitoring their children's calls is, of course, an exception. If your girlfriend is talking to another guy more than you, talk about it with her. See how she reacts, and what she has to say. I got a woman that I love, she is cheating on me. I would do anything for her, I never cheated on her. I work hard every day to make things work. She runs over me, it breaks my heart I can't do it anymore. I'm dying from inside because I love her so much Was this helpful?

I just wanted to say I really do understand your pain and I could type the exact same thing. I just want to say I feel your pain and I too hurt a lot because of my love for my girl and believe if I can know if she friends or more with the ex in prison it would help my decision which by no means will make it less painless but I'm 47 and don't have a lot of time left for games and just need to know the same as you I'm nobody and don't work here I'm just another man in love and in pain and want answers and I personally think it should BE OK if it's justified and it's detrimental to a person's well being and not just to someone with trust issues or paranoid or jealous or controlling people but for us that are truly in love and just want the truth for once and either get on with the pain of watching the one you love go away in the distance or finally be able to let go and just love again without that lingering doubt of if it's mutual or just a lie I hope you are one of the good guys like me and you find your answers and they are all good and you can go on feeling the hardest thing to find..

Yes No I need help The above poster is right that this is such a painful time to suspect cheating and not be able to pinpoint why the other person would cheat. If you are doing everything you can and she is unwilling to stop then she is not the right person for you.

Is There a Right Way to Spy on My Girlfriend's Facebook Messages Free

I was in a marriage with another woman and had an affair with the woman I am currently with. She sleeps with this phone and is constantly with it at late periods during the night. I try not to be suspicious but it seems peculiar. You cheated on your first wife with this woman and you have trust issues because of your past behavior. Some people always have their phone in proximity. Is she on social media or playing a game on her phone? The only way for you to get past this is to ask her if she is happy in this relationship.

Part 1. Top Reasons to Track Your Girlfriend Phone Location

Then explain that you are dealing with a trust issue that you do not want to have. Be honest with her before this relationship is destroyed. Hi please advice if this is compatible with Nokia Lumia and what is the process for download. I have tried: Nothing. Any application worth installing will list the devices that it's compatible with. Check the FAQ page for the program you're interested in for compatibility answers.

How can I Track My Girlfriend’s Phone Without Her Knowing?

Suspicion of cheating can eat away at our trust for our spouse until the trust is completely destroyed. If your partner has several of the signs from the list of articles, you can hire a private investigator for proof or if the signs are overwhelming it is time to have a discussion with her and either end the relationship or have her agree to stop and work on your relationship. It is completely up to you whether you are willing to stay and completely up to her on whether she will stop so you both have to be in agreement for the relationship to work.

The easiest thing to do is simply ask her where she is going. You could attempt to follow her one day but this is something that could lead to additional problems. If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below. All of these technologies that allow you to track a cell phone have to be downloaded to the target cell phone and this can be done in a similar way to any app. This, in itself, can be tricky if your girlfriend is very secretive and cautious with her phone.

Obviously, you would also need to know the PIN or lock pass, too. So, if you can overcome the problems of getting hold of the phone for a few minutes and being able to use it freely to surf online, then you are half way there. As I said, at this stage you would have been given a download key so the software can be installed and activated on the cell phone.

How to Track My Girlfriend’s Cell Phone Without Her Knowing

Once this is done, you should erase the internet history. The app itself is well hidden within the phone and there will be no trace of it to the user themselves.

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However, as always, signs that you have surfed to the download site will be kept in the internet history. You should probably also erase the Google cache and cookies just to make sure! Now that the program is installed, you can let her get on with using her phone as normal, however, now you will be able to track all of her data and movements by using the app functions that you will have access to from any other internet device of your choosing.

Read all the text messages that she is receiving or sending. View all of her phone logs, i.